We supply the best quality digital audio equipment from amplification to distribution and recording

The best sound comes from the most appropriate high-quality equipment and that’s what we supply. The sound engineers know how and why and can dazzle you for hours on achieving auditory effect, amplification, distribution and balance, but we don’t have the space or inclination to go into that here.Only the top team will do when it comes to audio design, and we will provide you with the right equipment to ensure that your event works and works well

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Fully coordinated lighting to set the mood for your event

Lighting will set the mood for any event. Our expert lighting designers and engineers can transform your entire space with our new range in state-of-the-art LED lighting fixtures, including anything from battery uplighters to specialist moving lights. Our investment in LED fixtures across our entire lighting fleet has led to increased efficiency and lower energy usage and helps us in our strive to become a greener company.


Innovation, Ideas, and Reliability.

With our technical expertise we will help you to evolve and engage through music, visual content, and technology. We will provide you with everything you need for your installation, including full sound systems, wiring, racks and lighting. Our engineers ensure all systems are tuned to your specifications. This includes on-site system programming and training.

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